9 Instagram Accounts You’ll Want to Follow

Looking for fresh inspiration in your Instagram feed? We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite accounts for you, ranging from artists to a lifestyle magazine to an empowerment architect. That’s right—a little of something for (almost) everyone. So without further ado, here are nine accounts you should definitely check out.


Recommended by Kim | director of brand and strategy

Why follow: Caitlin Collins, the travel and food photographer behind Augusta Leigh Photography, seeks to inspire people to travel far and wide with her amazing shots of beautiful landscapes and cityscapes.


Recommended by Sara | senior designer

Why follow: In short, Malika Favre is an artistic genius. She conveys clear, memorable stories and creates great impact with her signature style, which includes an extremely limited palette and flat shapes. She has crafted some simply jaw-dropping works, such as her Arab News cover commemorating the end of the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia and her pieces spotlighting homelessness and domestic violence for the United Way #Unignorable awareness campaign.


Recommended by Ian | writer

Why follow: The Met’s Costume Institute feed highlights fashion, costumes, and accessories from its vast collection, providing riveting historical details and even deeper looks with its behind-the-scenes deinstallation and conservation posts.

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Today we honor the birth of one of fashion’s saints, #YvesSaintLaurent, who was born on this day in 1936. In the early 1980s, Henri d’Orléans, Comte de Paris, had a copy of the famous Spanish statue of the Virgin Mary of El Rocío installed in the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Compassion. The priest in charge of the mission, Father Jean Louis Ducamp, asked #YvesSaintLaurent to dress the statue. Saint Laurent’s creation for the Madonna, including an immaculate tiara and accessories made in collaboration with French jeweler #Goossens, can be seen in #MetHeavenlyBodies at @metmuseum Fifth Avenue through October 8. // Statuary Vestment for the Virgin of El Rocío, Yves Saint Laurent, ca. 1985; Courtesy of Chapelle Notre-Dame de Compassion, Paris #costumeinsitute #themet 📷: @metimaging

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Recommended by Nalani | senior editor

Why follow: This feed features wonderful street artwork from around the world. It showcases eye-catching pieces that play with their environments in a surprising way, but it also includes posts that are delightfully silly—and once in a while, it’s a happy mix of the two!


Recommended by Rebecca | social media marketing strategist

Why follow: Sophia Roe is a chef, writer, and empowerment architect who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She shares her wellness journey through her thoughtful posts, telling her personal story while encouraging her followers to be true to their best selves.

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I Confess . . Once a month, I write down what I am most ashamed of, most embarrassed by, or even the subtle not-so-nice feelings that can undoubtedly creep up from time to time.✨The things I feel I need to hide, or pretend don’t exist. I simply write them down—I don’t read them back and think I am horrible, I am a monster, etc. I read them back, and am reminded—I AM HUMAN, I AM LEARNING, I AM WORKING, I AM PROCESSING, I AM PROGRESSING . . We are so often held back by what is deeply rooted inside of us, sometimes unbeknownst to us. Along with your, “WHAT I LOVE ABOUT ME” journal practice, I hope you can also try to integrate an “I CONFESS” into your journal routine.✨It’s enabled me to love the parts about myself that are confusing, hard, and sometimes angry✨helped me lay victim addiction to rest, come to terms with mistakes I’ve made, + forgive myself for times I acted like an ass hole . . Today I confess.. •i want to be a mommy so deeply, but fear I won’t be any good at it •i have felt extremely jealous of women I admire lately, and I know these feelings are unsound, but I haven’t really done the work to find out exactly where that jealousy comes from •insincerity pushes me to a level of inner aggression that I can hardly describe with words—I must learn to let that characteristic in people turn me away, but not make my insides so ugly •i wish I had more friends in real life •when people hurt me, I 99% of the time pretend it doesn’t hurt—but cry about it later •i wish I could help everybody. I wish i knew how to save the world, and the fact that I don’t sometimes kills me . . It feels hard to be honest about what you try so hard to hide. But when there’s nothing tying you down or keeping you bound—the capacity for strength and expansiveness will surprise the heck outta you✨If you can’t be honest with YOURSELF, talk to YOURSELF, really sit down and have a heart to heart with YOURSELF..then WHO CAN YOU? . . No list is too long or too short✨ I believe my path to self-love has grown more whole, deeper than I ever thought possible, and more patient because of this practice. Lastly, I confess.. . . i love you-Soph❤️ #iconfess

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Recommended by Sara | senior designer

Why follow: Karolis Strautniekas is a master illustrator with a dreamlike, metaphoric feel to his work. We can personally attest to his feed’s inspirational quality, as it provided our senior designer with sparks for her work on our “Art of Deception” campaign for the film Murder on the Orient Express.


Recommended by Lauren | marketing manager

Why follow: Sunset captures the magic of the West Coast in its feed, showcasing possibilities through its collection of breathtaking views, exclusive glamping destinations, seasonal recipes, beautiful home and gardening design, and more.


Recommended by Ian | writer

Why follow: Alexis Christodoulou creates stunning 3D renders that bring his imagined architectural spaces to life, blending modern, clean interiors with natural elements such as volcanic rock and undulating water. His subtly surreal feed truly showcases his vision.


Recommended by Rebecca | social media marketing strategist

Why follow: Tyler Mitchell is an incredible photographer, filmmaker, and artist with great style and a definite point of view. In September of 2018, he made history as the first black photographer—and one of the youngest photographers—to shoot the cover of Vogue.


Do you have a few favorite accounts to share? Drop us a line. We can all use a little more captivating visual storytelling. And, as you might expect, we’re on Instagram. Feel free to follow us, too!